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ExchangeWmz.Com provides an online tool that allows users to freely exchange for a number of different currencies worldwide. The Terms of Use described here apply to all transactions and activities engaged by the users of this website, data gathered, private messages, online chat between the users and support ExchangeWmz.Com.

Changes to Website

ExchangeWmz.Com will always attempt to keep its users informed of any changes to the website. However, ExchangeWmz.Com may terminate, change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of this website, including the availability of features of the site, at any time. ExchangeWmz.Com may also impose limits on certain features and services or restrict your access to part or the entire website without prior notice or liability.

Proprietary Rights

All contents of the ExchangeWmz.Com website, including, are proprietary of ExchangeWmz.Com and are protected by the patent, copyright, trademark. Nothing contained in this website shall be used in any form unless expressly stated by ExchangeWmz.Com.


ExchangeWmz.Com will not share, publish, or sell any user data contained in its databases. However, ExchangeWmz.Com may be requested at any time to share trade data including, but not restricted to, emails, user transactions, and trade data by government authorities. ExchangeWmz.Com will not deny such requests and cannot be held responsible for the leakage of information by third parties whether the action was performed intentionally or not

Fees and Commissions

ExchangeWmz.Com will no charge any fee , you only charge your virtual currency and bank fee for every exchange transaction you made , rate of exchange transaction show at index of our website

ExchangeWmz.Com Terms of Use

By opening an account at ExchangeWmz.Com you agree to the Terms of Use stated in this page. ExchangeWmz.Com reserves the right, at its discretion, to add, remove, or modify portions of these Terms of Agreement at any time. Your continued use of ExchangeWmz.Com following the implementation of changes to these Terms of Agreement implies that you accept such changes. Please note :
We will not accept any claims about account hacking or fraudulent activities in your account carried out by third parties .
We will not accept any claims about wrong receive bank account or receive virtual currency , our system are full automatic mode so please check clearly your receive detail before create order
We right to stop and report to your country’s government authorities any transactions relate to : money laundering, fraud activities , sexual content , gamble payment or any activities not accept by your local country’s law

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At ExchangeWmz.Com, we want to provide the best service while keeping everyone informed of the existing features and limitations. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions at:

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